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Aexcit, MCN2 & Horizon Blue release popping track 'All I Need'

Almost a decade after their formation, Aexcit have become one of the most memorable duos in the electronic field, thanks to their innate ability to write some of the catchiest dance music. Most notably, their cover of "Dancing In The Moonlight," released via Soave, continues to make waves and has surpassed the 12 million streams mark. The German duo teamed up with producer MCN2 to write another smooth instrumental for the final touch. And who else but Horizon Blue could deliver the magic? The Dutch producer and songwriter has over 1.5 million monthly listeners and has teamed up with Soave for a series of releases from 2022 and beyond. This delightful collaboration has all the elements needed for a chill house tune: charm, a sense of inspiration, and a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that makes this song an absolute vibe!

With AEXCIT, the two electronic music producers and DJs Alex and Thomas from Nuremberg have set out on a mission to put all the countless melodies in their heads into songs to share with the rest of the world. Having started their musical journey as AEXCIT in 2014, they already look back on various releases covering a wide spectrum between electronic dance and pop music. Their tracks have been released so far on renowned labels such as Universal, Sony, Armada or Scorpio and have collected more than 20 million streams on major streaming platforms so far.

Dutch producer and songwriter Horizon Blue is known for his tropical vibes, happy melodies and touching lyrics. After a music-loving childhood, Horizon Blue started producing his own songs at the age of 17 and worked on many different projects with people from all over the world before he was ready to start Horizon Blue and follow his dreams. With his first radio interviews and airplay from the biggest radio station in the Netherlands, a lot of Spotify support like Feeling Good, Feeling Great, Tropical House, New Music Friday Denmark and Hot New Dance playlists, over 20,000,000 streams on Spotify and a collaboration with Soave Records for releases in 2022 and beyond, Horizon Blue is one to watch out for!


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