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AJ Salvatore Teams Up With Lucas Estrada And Calica To Deliver Indie-Pop Hit “Kiss Me”

An immensely versatile producer, AJ Salvatore has been steadily rising through the ranks of electronic music throughout the past years. The young talent independently released his debut EP with great success, and went on to officially remix Nessly, Lil Yachty and Lil Keed’s “Foreign Sheets.” 

Now, AJ Salvatore is teaming up with Loudkult mainstay Lucas Estrada and singer, songwriter and producer Calica to deliver a stunning new single with “Kiss Me.” An indie-pop gem with a flair of electronic music that covers a 90s hit, AJ Salvatore and Lucas Estrada create the perfect production for Calicas heavenly vocals to shine over on “Kiss Me”, a result that is stunning, intricate and tasteful.  

“The track started as a way for me to pay homage to the genre that got me into making music, punk rock. New Found Glory covered this song a while ago and it's always been a favorite ever since,” tells AJ Salvatore.  


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