top of page Drops Well-Rounded House Work 'Solar Waves' EP brings out a world that's puzzling, yet alluring all in the same go. Solar Waves EP is her work of art that fate has put her on the path for. LA based and embracing an independent lifestyle, “Ostara,” and “Arctic Age,” are the two song's she's paired up to orchestrate, showcasing something that's house-based, yet has many bells and whistles that allow it stick in one's mind for the long run.

“Ostara,” is the more hopeful, carefree of the two. Perplexing arpeggios dance along the rhythm of house as the all instrumental aura continues to take it's shape. Easy to get into, "Arctic Age," transitions nicely in and captures the focus. A bit more uncomforting as the previous, the song embraces lots of real-life sound effects which transports one to a place where things are icy, unknown, and perhaps a bit lonely.

The EP releases on Delusional Records, one of many labels that has been featured on. Others include Saturo Sounds, Heist Mode, and LTHM Records. She plays every Friday evening via Femme House Friday, which livestreams on Twitch. seems very involved in a music career and shows no sign of slowing - enjoy Solar Waves EP below and watch out for what she does next.


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