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Alicia FireHeart Unveils Festival-Ready Single, “Orientation”

Born in Malaysia and experienced in a large number of avenues - from copywriting and advertising to multimedia production and photography, Alicia FireHeart is a true creative soul, with her recent foray into music presenting her with massive potential. Following minimal house gem “Energy” and the groovy g-house anthem “Talking,” Alicia FireHeart has just returned with her third single, “Orientation.”

Definitely Alicia FireHeart’s most hard-hitting single to date, “Orientation” makes up for yet another stunning display of the artist’s impressive skills. Starting off with gritty bass and hard-hitting drums, “Orientation” quickly explodes into a colossal drop, which is driven by percussive synths and intoxicating melodies, making up for a track that’s perfect for festival stages worldwide. Make sure to check out “Orientation” and stay tuned with Alicia FireHeart, as she surely has a lot more music slated for release in the near future.


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