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An Irresistible Rhythm Single "They Say" by Paris Blohm, Wasback & Krigarè

"After releasing records I felt weren't representing myself for years, I took a step back. But I'm back with new sounds." - Paris Blohm.

A 'New Chapter' for Paris Blohm after 1.5 years without new music; A "Wasback 2.0" on his change in music-style. This track is introduced with silky female vocals from Krigarè that quickly laid over a fast-paced drum pattern. The ominous synths punctuate while creating an irresistible rhythm underneath strong lyrics that instantly catches our attention.

The track showcased the unique blend of each artists' own style, and I cannot get enough of this track as it is such a great tune to listen to over and over again because it soothes my earbuds everytime, and I am definitely feeling the 'vibes' that they're bringing out form the song... 'Sexy'... 'Fierce'... 'Dark'...


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