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Anthony Keyrouz release cool track 'Saving Tears (feat. Jon Paul) '

The Lebanese king of deep and slap house returns with his seventh release of the year, and it's another banger. With almost 4 million monthly listeners, there are plenty of people eager to hear Anthony Keyrouz's blend of traditional instrumentation with a modern deep house twist. This time the production sets the stage for a fiery voice, delivered with bravura by Jon Paul. Together they make an anthem that is sure to be heard in playlists, on the radio and in the clubs!

Composer and producer Anthony Keyrouz is a household name for deep house lovers worldwide. Combining his Lebanese heritage with his love of deep basslines, Anthony brings traditional Arabic instruments to dance and house music. This has earned him a loyal, ever-growing fan base and made him a welcome guest DJ at clubs and festivals across Europe and the Middle East.

Jon Paul is a German singer and music producer.


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