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Anthony Keyrouz unleash insane track 'Turn It All Around (ft. Jeannette) '

Anthony Keyrouz, who's become known for his iconic slap house sound in recent years, has been releasing new songs non-stop, with over 3 million people listening to them every month. Fans of his, however, will remember his softer approach to deep house that left us in awe of his melodic genius. Much like then, Anthony Keyrouz produces a catchy piano house groove that's only enhanced by the incredible Jeannette and her soulful vocals. The Lebanese king of deep house pays tribute to his musical beginnings and we're all for it!

Composer and producer Anthony Keyrouz is a household name for deep house lovers worldwide. Combining his Lebanese heritage with his love for deep bass, Anthony brings traditional Arabic instruments to dance and house music. This has earned him a loyal, ever-growing fan base and made him a welcome guest DJ at clubs and festivals across Europe and the Middle East.


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