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ASP3CT releases uplifting single The Heist

'The Heist' is a musical journey that takes us down a dark and gritty storyline similar to that of RL Grime.

With the influences of Seven Lions, Don Diablo and Deadmau5, the Canadian Duo aims to develop their sound across a variety of genres under EDM and with their most recent track 'The Heist' - quite a switch up from their usual melodic and uplifting vibe. The single is filled with mysterious melodies combined with thunderous horns, punchy snares and rolling hi-hats.

You may Stream it here:

The track delivers evocating vocals and orchestral sounds, leading us to the drop where some heavy-hitting sound design takes over. 'The Heist' is definitely one of the track that you can listen to over and over again and will never get bored of, keep an eye out for more ASP3CT's releases as these two introduce new and miscellaneous flavors of EDM as their weapon.

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Spooning Recipes
Spooning Recipes
Oct 08, 2021

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