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ATLAST drops new single Want Your Love ft. Josh Rubin

ATLAST is at it again with a new single, Want Your Love featuring Josh Rubin on Lowly Palace. ATLAST has a genuinely diverse style, creating songs with driving bass and melodic flow. He has branched out again to create a beautiful, emotionally driven track with Want Your Love. This release follows up ATLAST’s recent debut at Nocturnal Wonderland on the Parliament Art Car.

When asked about his track, ATLAST responded, “I wanted to end the year by putting more pop vibes into my music. Want Your Love featuring Josh Rubin is the first track I am introducing down the melodic path. It tells the story of a person begging to gain the love and trust of this person back, and live happily together. I am excited to share this new music with you, and I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of Want Your Love."

Check out Want Your Love on Spotify now:


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