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Avanti Reveals “With A Feeling” Complete with VR Visuals

New Jersey-based producer, singer and songwriter Avanti has been working towards perfecting his craft for many years, and his efforts have now started paying off. The talented artist has produced for up-and-coming NY-based names such as Amsi, Missa, Lexi Todd & Rob Connolly, channeling his varied influences of rock, pop, hip-hop and electronic music. 

For his latest release, Avanti offers a fresh electronic single “With A Feeling.” Borrowing bits and pieces from various styles, “With A Feeling” is an explosive yet delicate track, driven by shiny sound design, huge basslines and catchy vocal chops, complemented by trippy VR visuals that lend themselves to the track’s psychedelic quality. “I think the future of music and content is going to be VR in the near future,” says Avanti. “It'll be cool when music videos are almost little video games or VR experiences.”


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