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Barron S Shares A Message Of Empowerment With Her New Summer Tune “BO$$ BITCH”

A massively talented DJ with a lot of impressive achievements under her belt, Barron S aims to use her platform in order to provide women with empowerment, and strengthen them towards stepping into their power, speaking their truth, and living their lives authentically. Barron S has had a hell of a career within the industry so far, touring alongside Rihanna as her DJ in her “Anti World Tour“ and becoming the the first female DJ in the NHL.

Now, after long anticipation, Barron S has finally shared her brand new single “BO$$ BITCH,” an infectious summer gem with a powerful message of empowerment. The track landed on digital platforms right after Barron S’ “The Bo$$ Bitch Project,” which saw the forward-thinking DJ showcase a different female-identifying leader each day, ranging from ScarlettBoBo to Caroline and many more, which all can be found on Barron’s Instagram.

“I wanted to write a song about being a ‘BO$$ BITCH’ because the word ‘bitch’ has been used against women so many times. In the past we’ve really used this word as a way to knock strong & powerful women down. So when I went into the studio I was inspired to write this song as a way of reclaiming the word.

A lot of women that we’ve been throwing that word at are actually demonstrating qualities that if seen in a male we’d attribute them to him being a BOSS or a leader,” says Barron S.


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