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Benedict Drops Nostalgia Inspired Remixes for 'Warzone'

Blending authentic lyricism with kinetic electro-pop, Australian singer-songwriter Benedict has released two Scratch Massive remixes of her July single 'Warzone'. There's a delightfully nostalgic feel, reminiscent of 80s dance-pop, as Benedict's hypnotizing falsetto soars above pounding beats and shimmering synths. Dark, electric, and smooth, the nuanced production is the perfect compliment to Benedict's emotive storytelling.  Speaking of the meaning behind the track, Benedict revealed: "My single 'Warzone' is about many different relationships we have over time. Relationships with partners, friendships, family, government, religion. Learning the paradigms of these things and how they can change very quickly from positive to negative. Trusting and loving when you only receive narcissism and gaslighting in return. Some relationships are warzones that can break us down mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is about the loneliness and pain that you take on then healing from past hurts and breathing your truth. As each human is unique and special it is about stepping out and trusting your heart and your goodness and fighting for your life. To me, the most important thing is to become stronger and be your true self no matter what the consequences and live in your full truth as well as love others for their differences and unique selves." Multi-hyphenate Benedict hails from a musical family in Melbourne, and has been invested in her craft from an early age. Her sound has drawn comparisons to Kate Bush, yet still maintains a refreshingly original feeling. Her 2019 debut single 'Oh Fool' made the Top 10 releases of the year on notable online music magazine TONEDEAF. She released 'Warzone' in July 2020, produced by Dean Tuza, now followed by the magnetic Scratch Massive remixes. Benedict is an undeniable alt-pop prodigy who you can expect to hear a lot more of in the future. 


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