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Besomorph & Coopex created sick track 'Just A Touch (ft. Mougleta)'

After a multitude of collaborations at the highest level, Besomorph and Coopex have become some of the most exciting acts on the scene. With more than 2.5 million monthly listeners each, a new single from the two is sure to make a splash. This time, it's in collaboration with Mougleta, whose vocals have been featured on several major albums, including Soave's "Beating Broken Heart." Together they created "Just A Touch", a true marvel in the world of groovy chill house. You just have to check it out for yourself!

One of the most exciting names to keep an eye on is LA resident Besomorph, who has achieved a number of notable milestones in recent years, including over 650 million streams on digital platforms, remixes of musicians like Tujamo, and a collaboration with Riot Games for the remix of "Burn It All Down." Besomorph's tracks have also been dubbed in very popular Netflix series such as "Elite" and "On My Block."

Bordeaux native Teddy Yrius, better known as Coopex, is a French music producer born in 1998. The Frenchman started producing electronic dance music in early 2015 and has slowly but surely found his element in the dance pop scene. A few years later, the young Frenchman has collected more than 200 million streams on all streaming platforms and it seems like he won't stop there.

Mougleta chose this pseudonym because her parents used to call her “Mougli” growing up, as she was a lot like the character from “The Jungle Book”. Welcome to the jungle!


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