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Betageist Delivers Uplifting Melodic Anthem, 'Blue Shift'

Transporting electronic music fans into an auditory fantasy, Betageist has returned with his brand-new single, "Blue Shift". This powerful track kicks off with a resonating beat and a heavenly sequence of piano. While both of these elements carry throughout the song, Betageist seamlessly weaves in alluring vocal echoes and celestial synths. Packed with chilling sound effects as well, "Blue Shift" is guaranteed to boost the mood of anyone who listens to it.

Speaking on the ambient original, Betageist says, “'Blue Shift' celebrates being awake and alive, being outside under a blue sky, and the very best of being human on this planet. It represents the hopeful, positive side of the human condition. Bouncy grooves, shimmering guitar chords, melodic piano, and dreamy vocal samples combine to produce the warm, metaphysical vibes in this track which thoroughly ignite body and soul.” With a unique style influenced by the likes of Tangerine Dream, Schiller, and Tycho, this song highlights the limitless potential of Betageist as an artist.

More than just a producer, Betageist is also an experienced multi-instrumentalist and audio software engineer. These abilities shine bright across "Blue Shift", which is the opening track from his upcoming sophomore album, Luminous Exile. With this and other thrilling projects on the way, look out for Betageist as he continues to act as the bridge between electro-pop and experimental electronica.


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