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Billy Aldea-Martinez’s Exciting Story As An Up-And-Coming Artist and Entrepreneur Within The Electro

Being exposed to one of the most iconic Rave parties in Sydney at an early age, Ov Thee Earth Tribe, was definitely a defining moment for entrepreneur, musician, and event organizer Billy Aldea-Martinez. The multitalented creator and businessman, also known as WILHVLM and WLHM under his tech-house and techno monikers respectively, was born and raised in Australia with Chilean parents and followed his passion for music by working on radio shows in Sydney, before moving to Rio de Janeiro in 2015.

Rio de Janeiro was only the start of his exciting journey; after teaming up with local underground hero Meta-Tronic and creating two successful events (Lost & Found and Rio Underground), Billy Aldea-Martinez founded Ipanema Records with the aim of showcasing carioca talents within the European market, followed by Codigo56 Records alongside Santiago de Chile-based producers and DJs Nick Bennett and SamSilva. Currently living in Amsterdam, Billy Aldea-Martinez is “focused on building a bridge to cross-pollinate music production between Europe and the Americas.” Make sure to follow him on his exciting journey below:


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