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Billy Marchiafava Gets Personal In Single 'Indie Pop Type Beat'

Billy Marchiafava knows what he's doing in the studio. Yet, all at the same time, he keeps a very low-key, regular guy profile with it all. The combination is infectious, with millions lending their ear to his music and tens of thousands sharing his tunes on their TikTok. The hype is specifically around the single "Indie Pop Type Beat," an ironically titled song which was destined to catch the eyes of the internet. The verses within share about an individual of a more complicated nature, sharing a story of struggle and self doubt, a relatable message in the numbers-driven world the current young generation is burdened by - for better or for worse.

The single seems to share about a funk that Billy used to be in, but isn't right now. The track has a happy ending which is aspect the world needs more of. Maybe it's his hilarious brand, maybe it's the music, or maybe's it's a phenomenon effect going on, but Billy Marchiafava has the magic of popularity in his hands and the talent to keep things rising in his arsenal.


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