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Get To Know South Korea's Biosyrup Via His Future Bass Release In 'Unity'

Biosyrup is a South Korean DJ/producer with a distinctive style. On January 13th, he released a new single called "Unity," which exemplifies his unique sound. The track features a future bass vibe that's are sure to get stuck in your head. Unlike some of his past tracks, "Unity" is a solo effort from Biosyrup, with no collaboration partners, showcasing his full range of capabilities as a solo artist.

Biosyrup is an up and coming electronic music artist based in Seoul, Korea, who has also lived in cities like New York City and Los Angeles. He draws inspiration from a wide range and aims to connect with listeners on an emotional level through his music. His name, "Biosyrup," is a combination of influences, his biology degree [bio] and the idea that his music will make listeners "melt" into it.

Biosyrup has a substantial collection of singles under his belt, including popular tracks "Mist" and "Banshee" which have amassed over 100K streams combined. He is driven by a strong belief in using music to create a deeper connection and sense of fulfillment for both himself and his audience. He is particularly interested in the way music can bring people together in a live setting, creating a special energy in the room. This is where he feels most alive and fulfilled.

Look out for more music from him soon!


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