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BLUUR Makes An Exciting Return With New Bass House Banger, 'No Warning'

Since starting his career in melodic future bass, artist BLUUR has discovered his extreme passion towards house music. Now he is finalizing this transition with his brand new single, "No Warning". Expressing what the track means for him and his project, BLUUR says, “this is by far the strongest and most intense track I've ever released under my brand. I want this track to be the staple of my project.”

As correct as this statement is, you don't take BLUUR's word for it. However, listen to "No Warning" all the way through just once and it is quite obvious that he has introduced a unique and invigorating style to the bass house community. Weaving in entrancing vocals, the high-energy heater uses a variety of percussion and sound manipulation to forge a timeless rager of a song. Additionally, BLUUR intricately blends in exotic noises like alarms to shape "No Warning" into a mind-bending auditory experience.

Filled with motivation to spread his signature sound across the world, BLUUR is simply warming up with "No Warning". You can expect to see this bass house visionary climb up the charts and deliver thrilling performances in the months to come.


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