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Brooke Evers and Kavorka Team Up For Uplifting House Single In My Soul

Dominating the music scene between Australia and Los Angeles, Brooke Evers is known to kickstart the party wherever she goes. The bass-house and electro artist has held residencies in Miami, Las Vegas, among other notorious EDM party destinations.

Hailing from Melbourne, 20 year-old producer Kavorka is known for his infectious basslines and high-energy performances. Riding the wave from his latest release ‘Rave in Melbourne’ which hit #10 on Beatport charts, Kavorka reached out to Brooke to work on a record together. Check it out here:

”I sent the idea to Brooke towards the end of 2020. The lockdown laws in Australia were strict and difficult for us to meet up and collaborate in a studio together. Brooke and I sent back and forth ideas till eventually we finished it.”

Together, this lethal force lays down a thumping house record with traces of tech and deep house, bringing a darker and entrancing element to this melodic track.

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