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Candace Sosa Drops Infectious Pop Single Emotion

The Michigan artist, having eight placements on four #1 albums of the outrageously popular K-pop Group: BTS, is making waves in the songwriting community.

The song captures the feeling of wanting to run away from feeling something strong but ultimately the emotions take over and consumer you. 'Emotion' has a very authentic sound infused with her infectious poppy melodies, where it is more upbeat yet still touching on a topic similar to her other singles 'Slave' and 'Trapped'. The Music Video does a great visualization of how 'the emotions will take over you and consume you':

Candace Sosa has had enormous success since signing to Waves with Words Music Publishing in mid 2018, writing for eight songs that four of them have charted on Billboard 200 #1, from K-pop superstars BTS. Both 'Love Yourself: Tear' and 'Love Yourself: Answer' broke streaming and sales records in Korea and the third album 'Map of the Soul: Persona' surpassed both of the previous albums to become the highest selling album in Korea music history with over 3.5 million records sold.


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