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Casper drops Melodic Single If I Love You

'If I Love You' is the last song on the New York producer's first EP 'Movement in Place', served as the finale for the four songs on the EP.

The song served as finale on the EP is also the longest one in the EP with 6 minutes 3 seconds, where Casper made it entirely in the dark in a basement. If I Love You features an ambient atmosphere with heavy bass, that made embodied the feeling of being alone, exactly how the New York producer felt at that time of making. Check it out here:

The track also features some atypical percussive elements from the beginning, instantly drive the listeners into isolation, giving everyone a calm yet lonely vibes. The track further emerges with tom drums that led into a loosen hook, where it was almost a reminiscent of 'In the Air Tonight' by Phil Collins.


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