Chemikkal Signs To His First Major Label With Single 'Mine'

Chemikkal is breaking personal records with the unveiling of the release "Mine," It's his first ever signed to a major label (Warner Brothers), under subdivision imprint Bianco Y Negro Music. Getting signed in such a way marks a moment in an artists career where it separates the boys from the men - Chemikkal has reached a new plateau and rightfully so - the mans music is on point and time-testing.

The dance single has plenty of infectious moments to share within. A solid, catchy work featuring mysterious sections and on point house percussion. The theme overall hits the spot and the drops are awe-inspiring and powerful. Across the board, Chemikkal has hit a home run here with his future looking brighter than ever.

“I am back again with a huge electro/future rave-styled record called “Mine”. This record has massive melodic undertones that are mixed with the fast-moving dance lead elements making it the perfect record for edition playlists like Beast Mode. Mine was such an interesting track to create, I was able to blend in trap elements, and half-tempo productions with huge wide leads bringing the whole track together.”

- Chemikkal