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Chime Joins Forces With Au5 For Transcendent Color Bass Single, 'The Other Side'

After co-headlining The Other Side tour in the Spring of 2022 with Au5, British producer Chime and Au5 are finally dropping their tour anthem. Also named "The Other Side", this hit single proceeds Chime's recent release "Bring Me Back", which earned praise for its mesmerizing soundscapes. Between these two songs, it is quite obvious why both Chime and Au5 have garnered millions of streams throughout their career.

"The Other Side" is a dynamic and engaging track that features a blend of melodic elements and innovative sound design. Overflowing with riveting drops and breaks, "The Other Side" is a roller coaster of emotions for listeners. The song's futuristic effects and euphoric theme make it perfect for elevating the energy at live performances.

A sensational journey through color bass, "The Other Side" is just one of many accomplishments for Chime. He is also the creator of Rushdown, a label that promotes unique bass artists like Sharks, Papa Khan, and Ace Aura. Additionally, Chime has collaborated with well-known artists such as Doctor P and Flux Pavilion. Coming off an extremely successful 2022, Chime has massive plans for this year. Get ready to see more releases, jaw-dropping live shows, and other surprises from Chime as he builds his legacy.


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