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ConKi joins with Anthony Lazaro on Coffee Cup to follow up on Viral Success

I am already super interested in the song by looking at the artwork and the name of it.

With almost four million plays and several viral charts placements, ConKi's "Im On Fire" is on its way to become an indie summer hit this year.

The Polish producer does not just sit on his laurels though, ConKi enlisted with US singer-songwriter Anthony Lazaro on "Coffee Cup": a random story about two random people randomly failling in love in a random coffee shop. Accompanied by a simple beat, a beachy guitar and some trumpets, Anthony's romantic story is the centre of this cute summer bop.

The story begins...

I don't wanna be lonely

When winter is freezing

And trees start to bald

And I don't wanna be sitting

Alone in a room

That's just filled with my soul

So I came to this place

Looking for a familiar face

And that's when I saw you

I've just peeked your name on the coffee shop

What a stroke of luck the guy just messed up

And gave your cup to me...

It is really astonishing to be able to express romantic story in such way, we can definitely feel the full atmosphere here.


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