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CryJaxx takes on 50 Cents hit single “In Da Club” with a fresh new electronic twist

The Tirana, based Albanian duo known as CryJaxx, have teamed up with the American based rapper Junior Charles and Austrian & Indian producer duo Noise Affairs. This time round, delivering a cover of the legendary Hip-Hop classic, “In Da Club” by 50 Cent. “In Da Club” was the first of seven tracks 50 Cent recorded with Dr. Dre in only five days.

50 immediately wrote the song’s lyrics within an hour and recorded the bulk of the vocals that night. “In Da Club” was loved by music critics and fans alike, easily one of 50 Cent’s most recognizable songs that now gets a modern spin by CryJaxx. It was included in Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

The artists bring a fresh modern take of the track, diving into the realms of Slap House and other EDM/Trap and pop influences. Completely reviving the legendary sound and being the first of many examples coming up on the label together with CryJaxx.


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