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Cyberpunkers Release Futuristic Single “Synthblade”

Italian duo Cyberpunkers are ready to take over the bass music scene with their forward-thinking and futuristic productions. Blending ominous atmospheres with gritty bass, the masked duo is creating truly post-apocalyptic soundscapes with their releases while taking fans on a journey through their energetic live shows. 

Now, Cyberpunkers are back with their fourth track this year, reinventing themselves once again with the release of “Synthblade”. Though the single is dominated by a number of 80s-inspired synths and drum sounds, the atmosphere and vibe takes listeners far into the future, as this sounds like the soundtrack of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie. Hard basslines, bright synth melodies and expert grooves are combined to create this gem, one of Cyberpunkers’ best tunes to date. 

The label, Dancing Dead, has created a Synthwave playlist with similar tracks so be sure to check it out if you like “Synthblade”. 


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