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Cyberpunkers Unleash Heavy Two-Track EP Go Ahead

Always making sure to step up their game, and capture the essence of cyberpunk in the modern era, Cyberpunkers undoubtedly are a powerful duo to keep on your radar. Hidden behind their masks and operating within their studio in Milan, Italy, the power-duo have shared their heavy sounds with numerous crowds around the world, as well stayed as consistent as ever in terms of new music this year, dropping a handful of singles on top of a 6-track EP with Old Gold.

Now, Cyberpunkers are coming back to Dancing Dead to unleash yet another hard-hitting release, dropping their latest two-track EP Go Ahead. In one of their most explosive efforts to date, the talented artists are bringing together gritty sounds and psychedelic effects, opting for a funky bass journey on “Go Ahead,” while creating a sinister electro vibe on “The Line is Bugged.”


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