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Dario G Drops Summery Track “You Make the Sunrise” Ahead Of Anticipated Album

Dario G has successfully made a massive comeback recently, preparing himself for the release of his forthcoming album Hola by dropping one Summery gem after another. The album will actually be his first in almost to decades, and judging by previously released singles such as title track “Hola,” “High” with Leslie P George, and “If You Love Me” featuring Danny Dearden, it’s definitely going to be a moment for the house legend. 

Out exclusively on YouTube via Front of House, Dario G’s last single off Hola comes in the form of “You Make the Sunrise”, a stunning house vibe featuring previous collaborator Leslie P George. It’s a light-hearted track, driven by thumping kicks, empowering vocals and bright synths. 

"You Make the Sunrise' was huge fun to make,” said Dario G. “My new album was almost complete and my state of mind relaxed, refreshed and that vibe seems to show here. I wrote the chords on the piano but transferred them to a synth stab sound, very much in the same vein as tracks like “Sunchyme” and “Dream to Me."


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