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Dead Weight Drops Jaw-Dropping Bass Single 'The Swarm'

Dead Weight separates himself from other bass-related acts in the scene due to several factors. He's puts out a look that's all his own, shares a sound conquers the competition by going bigger and badder than others can, and is displaying that he has the longevity to maintain himself in the game for the long run. "The Swarm," which is the third song that he has shared, is a stark example of the angle this guy is going for. Going to the extreme ends of what bass can be is apart of the plan. Still digestible and fitting into what's relevant within the world of electronic music, the impact that Dead Weight makes in a few minute period, via his music, is something that is rapid and long lasting.

If you are into rail-riding bass music look no further than what Dead Weight is presenting to the masses.

Dead Weight isn't just producing bass for the sake of it. It's an escape for him with a message behind it. For example, "The Swarm," is interconnected with idea that we need to fight back in the face of issues and toughness that life may throw at you. Within us all is the ability to overcome challenges and, at times, a fitting song can motivate us to do just this.


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