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Dionysus: How To Build Habits & Execute Effortlessly

"People need to continually learn & practice in order to reach the upper tiers of expertise in their chosen field".

Having been in the music industry for several years, Dionysus has managed to make his name synonymous with the emerging success stories hailing from Southern California.

Regularly playing shows around the United States, Japan, and various other places, his ability to entice the crowd with beautiful electronic music is truly a sight to be seen.

In the latest music video of his song titled "The Way Home", Dionysus takes us on a spectacular tour around Toyko. Wanting to hear more about his success story, we sat down with him to discuss habits, success, and how persistence is the key to unlocking your dreams within the music industry.

How do you define success within music?

I define it by my personal goals. Most importantly, I feel it's important to be able to create a finished piece of art that I'm pleased with. It's great to see my work being considered similar in quality to the tracks that top producers & musicians are releasing.

You recently did a few shows in Japan which were incredible. How does it feel being one of the small percentage of producers that have the ability to do so?

After connecting with audiences overseas, it feels amazing to go on these international adventures. Being able to get an insider's look at the dance music scene in other countries has been both personally and professionally rewarding. Now, I can die happy.

As somebody from California, you’ve seen thousands (or millions) of people flock from around the world to LA & the Bay Area. What are your thoughts on location when trying to achieve your goals?

Being a SoCal native, watching world-class talent come through town is certainly inspiring. But I know that it can be tricky for people who come from small towns to such an internationally influential city within the music industry. It's difficult... But people get involved however they can, and do their best to gain traction within the city.

Finally, What are some habits that aspiring music producers should seek to develop?

Persistence & drive. People need to continually learn & practice in order to reach the upper tiers of expertise in their chosen field. Once you find your musical voice, you can begin emoting and expressing evocative ideas that can touch your audience.

Persistence is key. For example, basketball players need to be on the court every single day in order to practice their craft. It's the same with producers. If you slack off, it will be clearly evident in the quality of your music.

Of course. You need to practice until it becomes second-nature & things seem effortless.

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