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Dittomaster Shares Electrifying new Single “Ghost”

Marking his fourth single this year, emerging electroclash and dance-punk talent Dittomaster has returned with “Ghost,” one of his most diverse offerings to date. Garnering more and more attention within the scene with his forward-thinking style, inspired by the likes of Justice, Depeche Mode, and LCD Soundsystem, Dittomaster made his debut only last year with his single "Happy Hour," and appeared on the NACC Radio top 200 chart at the start of 2021, now sitting at #10 on the NACC Radio Electronic chart.

“Ghost,” which is out now independently, perfectly showcases Dittomaster’s vibrant style and his love for rock and various other genres. Driven by 80s-inspired drum work and ethereal vocals, “Ghost” makes a triumphant entrance, before soaring guitar licks and heavy basslines take over as the arrangement progresses, making up for a stunning and well-produced gem.

“We have a 10-month-old baby and as a result have had a lot of sleepless nights the past year. Because we haven't been sleeping well - the song is about wanting to sleep in for just one day,” explains Dittomaster about the story behind the song.


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