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DNIE Enlists Stephen Geisler For Immersive, Guitar-Driven Gem, “Fossilized”

Rising talent DNIE has returned with what may be his most thrilling track to date, enlisting Stephen Geisler for “Fossilized.” The Montenegro-based artist won over an increasing number of fans through his single “Hourglass” featuring Arkane Skye, which served as his debut single last year, continuing the story with “Dream” alongside talented rapper Frizzy the Streetz. DNIE flawlessly combines R&B, hip-hop and electronic music, and “Fossilized” makes up for yet another stunning display of his expertise and curation within the studio.

Starting off with trap-inspired percussion and minimal production, “Fossilized” is heavily driven by Stephen Geisler’s intimate voice, who delivers some of his most vulnerable and personal lyrics to date. DNIE masterfully complements Geisler’s voice with his mesmerizing production, introducing listeners to a heavy dose of bass during the chorus, while layering everything with an infectious guitar melody that nicely adds to the moody vibe. “Fossilized” marks the first single off DNIE’s forthcoming debut EP.


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