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The Evolution of Draxx: From Underground DJ to Tech House Titan

Let's dive into the electric world of Draxx, the Italian DJ and producer who's totally reshaping the tech house scene. Draxx has been on fire this year, and it’s time we talk about his meteoric rise. 2023 was a massive year for Draxx as he earned a spot on the prestigious 'The Future of Dance' list by 1001Tracklists, solidifying his place as a powerhouse in the electronic dance music arena. His remix of Kevin McKay's "Work" was a particular standout, bursting into the top 10 on Beatport’s Tech House chart and scooping up massive support from the EDM community. His banger "WTF" skyrocketed to the 32nd spot on Beatport's main chart and snagged a cool 11th in the tech house category. Not stopping there, "WTF," along with tracks "Ponteme" and a killer remix of "Hayabusa," have made massive splashes, landing at 96th and 11th on Beatport, and have been tearing up Spotify’s 'Tech House Operator' playlist too.

If you are curious about collaborations, Draxx is all over it. Teaming up with heavy-hitters like Hugel, Malone, and Cvmpanile on the track "TuTuTu," released through Insomniac Records, has won him some serious acclaim from the dance music elite. His tracks are being snapped up by top labels like Insomniac, Hellbent, Nervous, Glasgow Underground, and Moon Harbour, which just screams big league.

The future’s looking even brighter for Draxx. With a ton of tracks set to drop on major labels in 2024, skyrocketing streaming counts, and tours stretching from local spots to international locations, Draxx's journey in the electronic dance music universe is on an colossal upswing, both creatively and in his knack for pulling in fans from all corners. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready, folks—Draxx is the name you won’t want to forget.


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