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DROELOE's 'Feeble Games': A Thought-Provoking Anthem Against Manipulation and Fear

DROELOE is gearing up to unleash "Feeble Games" on May 19. The track boasts that classic mysterious and dark sounds they are known for, while implementing some new ideas in the same go.

Immersed in an intricate kaleidoscope of music, DROELOE effortlessly exhibits a forward-thinking approach. The song's enchanting, introverted lyrics delve into the theme of standing tall and battling for something worthwhile, while adamantly spurning feeble games founded on fear.

To fans delight, DROELOE has just announced an upcoming US tour, encompassing electrifying stops in LA, Portland, Seattle, Denver, SLC, and Chicago. We can anticipate an awe-inspiring experience, as DROELOE takes center stage and gives his all to the fans.


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