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Effayé Returns With Sultry New Single Single “Tequila”

Marking her third release this year, Swedish singer, songwriter and performer Effayé has finally returned with “Tequila,” a groovy gem that masterfully represents everything she stands for as an artist. Listening to legendary female artists such as Shakira and Britney Spears while growing up had a profound influence on Effayé, who decided to always strive to be a role model for female empowerment.

“Tequila” sees Effayé successfully experiment in the genre of dancehall, crafting an irresistible tune that will certainly aid in taking her buzzing career to the next level. Infectious chords, hard-hitting drums and playful trumpet melodies make up the backbone for Effayé vocal lines to sing over, while she wonderfully tells a lively story of desire and lust.

“‘Tequila’ is a song about sensuality. Knowing what you like and going for it. Giving in to cravings; because simply, why not. Being honest. Being open to energies. Touch. Electricity. Magnetism. Seize life - Go with the flow. Viva La Vida, with a touch of tequila,” says Effayé.


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