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Egzod Drops Feel-Good Song “Ride The Wave”

Known for his explosive drops, and tasteful production combining electronic and world elements, Egzod is quickly rising through the bass music ranks. With his first major-label debut in June - via Universal Music - now behind him, Egzod has unleashed his 7th original release this year, bright gem “Ride The Wave”. 

The enjoyable single sees Egzod embrace his element more than ever, teaming up with 4 songwriters and recording as many acoustic elements as possible. Tribal percussion and a tasteful arrangement characterize “Ride The Wave“, that undoubtedly is one of Egzod’s best to date. 

“I wanted to make a feel-good song for quite some time and “Ride The Wave” just came at the right time,” explained Egzod. “I had the UEFA Euro 2020 in mind while making it but unfortunately it got postponed for next year. Nonetheless, summer is here and I wanted to bring some positive energy and warmth with this song especially after everything we’ve been through this year. The process was a bit different than previous releases; I worked with 4 amazing songwriters on this record and also recorded more acoustic instruments than usual."


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