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Egzod Shares Explosive 3-Track EP The Revolution

Having already released 9 records on NCS, forward-thinking producer Egzod is making his anticipated return to the prestigious label, unleashing his latest EP The Revolution. Know for his vibrant productions, inclusion of worldwide musical elements and huge basslines, Egzod has managed to become a household name within the past years, and this EP is only going to contribute to his upwards trajectory.  Three tracks in length, The Revolution is a compact and explosive showcase of Egzod's breathtaking production skills, featuring A-list vocal features from sisterly duo Neoni, talented rapper Wasiu and charismatic artist EMM. Explosive opener "The Revolution" offers gritty bass and anthemic top lines, "Mutiny" takes things to a darker place, while infectious closer "Don't Surrender" offers infectious, middle eastern melodies and an inspiring story, concluding this monster of an EP. 

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