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Exciting Trailblazer GunFight Returns With Bass Single, “Salvo”

From dubstep and drum & bass to electro-house and techno, GunFight is a master of many bass music styles, something which is evident in his releases over the past years. The LA-based artist kicked off his career back in 2014 with “Infinite” and released two albums back in 2016–'Paramount' and 'Rouse.' Since early 2020 he has been on a fierce streak, taking few breaks while consistently fleshing out his cyberpunk-inspired visual world by way of heavy and experimental releases.

Directly following “Maniacal Inferno” which was released back in August of last year, GunFight is now ready to kick off 2023 in a massive way, dropping one of his best-produced dubstep singles to date with “Salvo.” An eerie yet cinematic tune, “Salvo” is filled with exciting moments all throughout, from its orchestral instruments to its metallic growls. This is yet another stellar release from GunFight, and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us this year.


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