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fknsyd Releases Her Inaugral Solo Mixtape, 'Taste.test'

Over the last decade, fknsyd has risen to become one of the top singers in the electronic music space. Her unique and tantalizing vocals are the perfect complement to any genre or instrumental. Collaborating with the likes of Slander, Manila Killa, RL Grime, Hex Cougar, and more, fknsyd has played a crucial role in creating covers, such as REZZ's “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”, and original hits.

Embarking on the next chapter in her journey as an artist, fknsyd has dropped her debut mixtape, Taste.test. This breathtaking compilation includes nine one-of-a-kind tracks that transport listeners to a sonic fantasyland. Kicking off Taste.test is "New Evils", a hypnotic downtempo song that's fueled by fknsyd's falsetto lyrics.

In "Fantasy", fknsyd puts her audience in a trance by encompassing dark psychedelic soundscapes. Another haunting but tantalizing piece of Taste.test is "Molasses". The experiential anthem showcases fknsyd's imaginative mindset when it comes to pushing the boundaries of music. With the rest of the mixtape being just as mesmerizing, fknysyd's Taste.test is just the beginning of her blossoming solo project.


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