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FR3ADY Unleashes Sonic Brilliance in ROOFTOP TAPES DJ Set Atop Amsterdam’s A'DAM Tower

Emerging DJ and producer FR3ADY has just made his anticipated return with yet another electrifying ROOFTOP TAPES mix, taking center stage at the beautiful A'DAM & Co. atop the iconic A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam. The recent ROOFTOP TAPES x FR3ADY DJ mix unfolded as a masterful fusion of music and visuals on June 16th, offering attendees an entrancing journey through minimal dance music, which has now been immortalized for the world to see, alongside breathtaking drone footage.

Hailing from Düsseldorf, FR3ADY a rising star within the electronic music scene, renowned for his unique combination of Tech House and Minimal Techno sounds. After studying at the Abbey Road Institute and earning a degree in Music Production and Sound Engineering, he released his very first EP ‘All You Need’ earlier this year, and followed it up with a number of dancefloor-ready singles, all signed under rising label Release Your Mind.

With a debut recorded DJ set that garnered over 1 million streams on YouTube in just four months, and his second EP on the way, FR3ADY's magnetic stage presence and unmatched commitment continue to carve a noteworthy path in the industry.

“The recording at A’DAM&Co. turned out beyond amazing, thanks to the electric atmosphere and the energy brought by everyone. I'm happy we can now relive those magical moments with everyone watching,” said FR3ADY reflecting on the captivating performance at the tower.

Watch the stunning ROOFTOP TAPES Vol. III:

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