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Dynamic Label Frequency Continues To Open New Doors For The Music Industry

Over the last decade, Frequency has evolved into one of the leading independent labels in the electronic music space. By no means has this happened by chance, the brand is made up of a dedicated team who share a powerful vision that aims to advance the prosperity and influence of EDM. This vision originated back in 2013 when Frequency's founder, Kelvin Ruijters, realized there was a void of royalty-free music online that needed to be filled.

Striving to supply people with a platform that fulfilled their musical desires, Kelvin kicked off Frequency as a YouTube channel. The channel quickly accumulated a large following and was utilized to shine a spotlight on up-and-coming talent. A gem of an artist that fell into this category is Arc North. Since joining forces with Frequency, he has gained more than 110 million streams and 700k+ fans. However, he is one of many that Frequency has helped reach their full potential.

Arc North is accompanied by a stacked roster of artists from across the world, such as Rival, Jon Becker, and Cadmium. Although Frequency had played a huge role in blossoming these projects' careers, Kelvin had even greater aspirations for the imprint. Throughout the past couple of years, the brand has delivered conferences at flagship festivals and events, from Dancefair to ADE. The innovative group has also collaborated with professionals throughout online media to further support their artists.

Once 2021 arrived, Frequency had become so successful that it was divided into two halves: Frequency Recordings and Frequency Music. Frequency Recordings is an opportunity for the overall company to branch out into any genre. Not long after, Kelvin launched Frequency Publishing in 2022, which provides multiple high-end services like an extensive network of sync contacts and catalog management.

Fast forward to today and Frequency has doubled down on its assorted ventures while it reinvests in the realm of EDM, as well as in a revolutionary, Smart Content ID service. The sky is the limit for Kelvin and the rest of the Frequency team as they put their heart and souls into the brand, working on exciting projects in 2023.


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