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From An Ultraorthodox Family To Making His Debut EP: Jack Shore Unveils First Single “Have You Ever

Israeli artist and producer Jack Shore undoubtedly has a strong story to tell. Coming from an extreme ultraorthodox Jewish background in Jerusalem, he struggled intensely during high school due to having severe dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD. After discovering music production at age 15, Jack Shore decided to drop out of school at 17 in order to pursue a full-time career in music, while leaving his ultraorthodox roots behind.

Following his remix of Maria Domark’s single “Haunted,” Jack Shore has now unveiled the first single off his forthcoming EP, which is slated for release later this year via Frequency Music. Teaming up with Minneapolis singer/songwriter Michael Shynes, the young talent displays his unmatched talents masterfully on “Have You Ever Really Lived,” which also marks a new sonic direction for him. A mature and emotional tune, it makes up for a stunning evolution of Jack Shore’s sound, who infuses the arrangement with sparkly synth lines and minimal percussion, crafting the perfect backdrop for Michael Shynes’ catchy voice to shine through.

“You're in a car, it’s midnight, and you’re driving feeling as the city lights flow pass your skin. That’s how I’d describe the energy and inspiration behind ‘Have You Ever Really Lived’. The song is the first in the EP and was also the first I produced setting the trajectory and energy of the project exactly where I envisioned - a world where everything around you is a movie and you’re the main character, but not a sad movie, a hopeful movie full of excitement and nostalgia,” explains Jack Shore.


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