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Funky Craig – “Like a Flute” Bringing the UK Grime Scene and Eastern Sound Together

Funky Craig, the DJ Producer from Worcester, England, is most-known for his signature, oriental-inspired sound. His music has been dominating festival circuits ever since his 2014 hit “Shaka Zulu.” Funky Craig has an arsenal of heavily-supported tracks on Confession, Mad Decent, Mixmash, and Armada.The biggest impact of all being his 2016 debut EP “Shadow Dragon,” via Barong Family.

When you think of UK grime, oriental inspired sound is probably the last thing that comes into mind. Today (6th Oct) Craig have finally done it, releasing his newest single “Like A Flute”. Combining his style with the so significant UK Grime flow. It’s a very fresh take from both world. The track kick off with some calm Japanese flute and soon layered on the grime elements. The grime beat is surprisingly fitting with the instrument. The whole track is a right balance of UK and Asia, much like the Yin Yang.

Funky Craig - Like a Flute Out Now


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