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Gaming Music Legend TheFatRat links up with Laura Brehm on the summer smashing “We’ll Meet Again”

With many places still under quarantine, the world's leading Gaming Music artist TheRatFat brings people together with his new release, “We’ll Meet Again”, whether it’s virtually or socially-distanced. “The song is about holding on to your friends, even when you have no chance to meet them,” says TheFatRat. The artist joined forces with vocalist Laura Brehm, whose previous collaborations continue to boost TheFatRat’s prominence on Spotify and YouTube, currently surmounting over 400 million combined streams.

We’ll Meet Again” is the perfect summer anthem, a combination of soothing classically infused orchestral sounds and catchy melodies fans can expect from TheFatRat. After quickly increasing its tempo thanks to swift cello strings, the song quickly picks up into an uplifting pace. The lyrics themselves are triumphant, focusing on fighting through adversity to come together. This feeling is punctuated with a heart-pounding drop, surging with the excitement and compassionate relief.

The song was written and produced during quarantine and is obviously inspired by it, not just thematically but also technically,” says TheFatRat. Due to quarantine, TheFatRat was unable to host any direct studio sessions, instead opting to use to find the right instrumentalists. "I pre-produced the entire orchestral parts with samples and sent the files around the globe to collect each recording piece by piece."

“We’ll Meet Again” is open-source and free of copyright restrictions, as will be the case for the rest of songs on TheFatRat’s upcoming debut album, set to come out in spring 2021. Additionally, his label The Arcadium, will officially launch its website this August, hosting TheFatRat’s work, free to download, in addition to The Arcadium’s extensive music catalogue.


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