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Gian Varela And Steve Andreas' Video For 'Veneno' Is An Electronic Song Fit For Modern Times

Sharing a bouncy, bubbly atmosphere plus a video that amplifies this same sentiment, "Veneno," goes beyond what the common music video does on so many levels. The script for the video will appeal to a wide audience, since the behavior and actions of the characters reflects moments that billions can relate to. From the beat to virtually every shot that's edited together, positivity is the key message that radiates outward thanks to Gian Varela, Steve Andreas, and Felicia.

At the heart of Gian Varela's movement is a love for music and community. He has near-perfectly aligned his passions in way that sustains a business and snowballs the mission that he's on. Every year he grows and every year the music gets better. Considering these facts, it's no surprise that Gian Varela has well over 20 million streams to his name, has had releases signed and accepted from Armada, Spinnin, Revealed, and Ultra Music, and to add, has played at festivals like EDC Mexico, Beyond Wonderland and is confirmed to perform at Tomorrowland this year.

Gian Varela is something truly special and he actually cares on a granular level. This is reflected across his socials, streaming platforms, and the places that he performs.

View "Venono," below and if you enjoy what you are seeing, give him a follow and be apart of what he's doing.

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