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grey prince Drops Hybrid Release Titled 'cory in ya house'

Based out of the bay area, grey prince - who comes from a multi-cultural background, has revealed the first of what is supposed to be a series of singles that show off a new side of what he's all about. The track is upbeat and funky and the story behind it is pretty funny, the track is not a super serious highly-artistic masterpiece. It's a relatable, down to earth kind of jam that pays tribute to his childhood best friend named Cory. Because why not, right?

Influences of hip hop and electronic come to a head in this easy-to-listen to single. The drums are rich, the funk is there, and grey prince does his thing. The track is a great introduction to the solo DJ/producer if you haven't got a taste of him yet and a solid kick off to what looks to be a promising series filled with surprises.

In case you are unfamiliar, the game Jet Set Radio is a cult classic from the early 2000's era of electronic music. The soundtrack in particular was a blast to listen to and is what "cory in ya house," is inspired by.

Keep an eye on grey prince and what he may reveal next - listen to "Cory In Ya House," below as well.


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