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GunFight Is Back With Hybrid Dubstep Anthem “Heroes and Zeroes” Alongside First NFT Drop

US-based bass pioneer GunFight has come a long way since he made his debut back in 2014, and released an impressive two albums back in 2017. After a short break two years ago, he is now back in full force, having shared over a dozen releases within the past 16 months, all accompanied by stunning artworks and videos, slowly fleshing out an exciting cyberpunk-esque, post-apocalyptic world.

Now, following his mid-tempo gem “Street Sweeper,” that recently came out via FiXT Neon, GunFight has returned once again to bless us with more bass goodies, sharing hybrid dubstep masterpiece “Heroes and Zeroes.” Just as we’re used to hearing from GunFight, “Heroes and Zeroes” doesn’t hold back when it comes to bringing together anthemic melodies and otherworldly sound design, while it also coincides with his very first NFT drop.


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