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GunFight Returns With Impressive Dubstep Anthem “Breached”

Having dropped his latest drum & bass banger “Unspoken” earlier this year, GunFight is letting no time go to waste and has returned with yet another bass masterpiece, this time curating explosive dubstep vibes on “Breached.” The independent artist has proven time and time again how important consistency and hard work are, and “Breached” marks no exception, as it's the second in a series of singles he is gearing up to drop this year.

Combining ruthless production with immersive visuals, “Breached” displays GunFight at his very best, and it's bound to connect with his ever growing audience. Filled with gritty melodies, eerie atmospheres and expertly-designed synths and growls, “Breached” is one of the best dubstep singles we’ve heard this year, and a fine addition to GunFight's lengthy catalog.


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