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GunFight Returns With Massive New Single “Nuclear”

Having wrapped up an explosive 2020, GunFight is back once again with his latest single “Nuclear.” Last year, the US-based mastermind released an impressive 12 singles in total, drawing inspiration from all corners of the bass music spectrum to showcase his skills in dubstep, mid-tempo, drum & bass and electro. Simultaneously, he has crafted his very own post-apocalyptic universe, always accompanying his releases with stunning visuals and intricate stories.

“Nuclear” marks GunFight’s first release of the year, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the producer back in action. Coming alongside one of the best visuals we’ve seen to date from GunFight, “Nuclear” is a truly mind-bending bass gem. Starting off with cyberpunk atmospheres and anthemic melodies, the single quickly progresses into an explosive showcase of gritty synths, groovy basslines, and massive drums.


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