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GunFight Shares Otherworldly Dubstep Banger, “Maniacal Inferno”

GunFight’s first dubstep release since “Breached,” which was unveiled earlier this year, “Maniacal Inferno” once again showcases his unmatched knack for crafting heavy-hitting bass music anthems. From electro house and drum & bass to dubstep and bass house, GunFight is a jack of all trades, with “Maniacal Inferno” being far from his first release. The LA-based producer kicked off his career as early as 2014, and has been on a roll since early 2020, releasing one heavy single after the other.

“Maniacal Inferno” nicely puts GunFight’s production skills on display with its incredible energy and jaw-dropping sound design. GunFight is a master at combining eerie soundscapes with energetic vocal chops and chaotic bass drops, and that’s exactly what he does on “Maniacal Inferno,” while - as always - pairing the song up with his signature post-apocalyptic and futuristic visual aesthetic.


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